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About Our Founder

One Man, Many Visions

Meet Our Lead, Stephen-Michael

Image by Anthony DELANOIX

The SZN Journey

Stephen-Michael's journey is a testament to the boundless power of creativity and relentless passion. Hailing from the vibrant & diverse State of Maryland, he's a storyteller who has made it his life's mission to discover deeper narratives within the ordinary.

From the earliest days of his childhood, Stephen-Michael's inquisitive spirit led him to view the world through a unique lens. His creative eye was a treasure he nurtured from a tender age.

His journey is marked by remarkable moments of inspiration—moments like observing the annual transformations in church anniversary programs, crafting custom uniforms for video game teams, and sketching original shirt designs just for the sheer joy of it. Stephen-Michael's heart was always drawn to the magnetic fields of branding and creativity.

The spark ignited within him came to life when he joined his high school's Student Government Association. Here, he began to shape his creative vision, giving life to his first flyers, marketing campaigns, and even birthing his very first logo.

At the dawn of his undergraduate years, he embarked on an exploration of journalism and the art of curating social media content across diverse platforms. The canvas of his life continued to expand. Over four transformative years at Morgan State, his creative journey embraced the realms of photography and branding, rekindling his first love—graphic design. With opportunities aplenty, Stephen-Michael embarked on successful marketing endeavors spanning Sports Journalism, Campus Life, Church, and even Politics. His commitment to excellence was renowned across diverse skill sets.

Amid this, the story of SZN Media Creative Solutions began in 2019, once known as "StephenSZN Media." Since then, Stephen-Michael's creative prowess has touched lives across 14 states, collaborating with national writing platforms and assuming key leadership roles in media across the Mid-Atlantic Region. His work has graced the pages of media websites, adorned billboards, resonated in conferences, and left its indelible mark on political elections.

In 2023, a grand vision was unveiled—the SZN Group—a collective home for all his enterprises and ventures. It includes SZN Marketing (formerly SZN Media), the SZN Foundation, and SZN Solutions.

Through it all, Stephen-Michael's unwavering dedication remains clear: to make a meaningful impact, regardless of the platform. His journey is an inspiration to us all, reminding us that with passion and creativity, the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary, and that our unique visions can shape the world in remarkable ways.

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