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SZN Group Policies

Please Review Our Policies and Procedures Before Starting Your Journey With Us!

  • Graphic Design
    Social Media Graphics: Completed within 3-5 Business Days Posters & Stationery: Completed within 5-7 Business Days 24 Hour Turnaround: Additional $25 Charge Additional Rounds of Edits: $35 per Round Please provide all desired information for a flyer to Clearly communicate your deliverables; we're here to help, but we can't read minds Ensure all content and information are ready before starting graphics unless otherwise stated. To maintain quality, please provide high-quality photos instead of low-quality ones. Charges apply for 24-hour turnarounds and processes involving more than three rounds of edits Watermarks will be present on flyers until the process is completed and the invoice is settled
  • Branding
    Logos not created by The SZN Group won't be altered by us Custom logo packages will be considered only for projects beyond our standard Branding packages Each package comes with specific deliverables, turnaround times, and rounds of edits; choose wisely Full Logo packages will be delivered once payment is made Logos will be sent via email to maintain quality, and they will also be shared on Dropbox as a ZIP File Additional charges apply for extra colorways & versions beyond your branding package
  • Web Design
    Upload all written content (rules, policies, bios, descriptions) as Google Docs or Word Docs for smooth website integration. Avoid using text messages for content transfer Quality work is our priority; we won't rush projects to meet tight deadlines. We adhere to our package timelines for the best results Photos and Videos should be uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive folders for seamless website integration. For optimal quality, photos should be properly edited and sized by the photographer If essential information for the website isn't ready, project work won't commence, and the project will be on hold We don't edit or update websites not created by us Edits to completed websites require an active maintenance package. Clients will be charged for one month of edits for any changes needed Domains will be purchased through or GoDaddy and then transferred to the client once the website domain is connected
  • Consulting
    All calls will be recorded and stored in the cloud. Maintain professional attire, behavior, and language to ensure a respectful interaction After each call, clients will receive a recording and a detailed brief outlining next steps and session notes The strategy session's allocated time begins with the actual strategic conversation, not the initial meet-up. Clients have 3-5 minutes for greetings and to settle in before the session begins Strategies provided are to be shared exclusively with clients' business partners or organizations. Our consulting solutions are tailored to each client's specific needs Calls exceeding the allotted time will incur additional charges on the invoice Unless under a retainer agreement, clients must clear previous balances before scheduling future consulting sessions In-person consulting sessions are billed hourly, with a small travel fee added based on location
  • Retainer Contracts
    All retainer payments are due by the 7th of each month for monthly payment plans. For Bi-Monthly payments, payments are expected on the 1st and 15th of each month. Any adjustments or delays in payments must be communicated to The SZN Group in advance. If additional work is added during an ongoing retainer agreement, the changes will take effect in the subsequent payment cycle. Retainer contracts are available for durations ranging from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Onboarding, Quotations, and Projects
    To secure services, an initial deposit and a signed contract are mandatory. The SZN Group will initiate work only upon receipt of both components. All clients are required to undergo onboarding, which involves submitting a HoneyBook form and/or participating in a phone conversation with a team member. Quotes will be generated based on the SZN Group's pricing model and the complexity of the project. These quotes are valid for 21 days and may be adjusted based on demand. In cases where a client has multiple services within a project, the contract must encompass a detailed scope of work outlining the sequence of deliverables. Unless otherwise specified by the client, the cost of all services will be consolidated into a single invoice.
  • Client Expectations
    Clients are kindly requested to engage with The SZN Group in a respectful manner and maintain a harmonious demeanor throughout the project's duration. While reviewing work, clients are expected to provide feedback without resorting to rudeness or using inappropriate language or gestures. In instances where payments might be delayed, adjustments to the project are needed, or issues arise, The SZN Group encourages open and transparent discussions. If the client has a personal relationship with an employee of The SZN Group, maintaining a professional business demeanor is recommended, even if the client is a friend or colleague.
  • How To Book
    Inquiry: Let's kickstart your creative journey! Reach out to us with your project ideas and requirements. We're excited to hear about your vision and understand your design needs. Booking + Quote: Once we've grasped the essence of your project, we'll provide you with a tailored quote. Upon your approval, we'll secure your spot in our design queue. Your commitment initiates the transformation of your ideas into captivating visuals. Gather Information: We believe in a collaborative approach. Our team will engage with you to delve deeper into your project's intricacies. By understanding your brand, goals, and preferences, we'll craft a design that resonates with your essence. Drafts and Concepts: Watch your ideas come to life! Our skilled designers will create initial drafts and concepts, illustrating various directions for your project. We value your input during this phase, as it ensures that the final outcome aligns seamlessly with your vision. Finalize: The moment of truth has arrived. We've refined your chosen concept based on your feedback, resulting in an outstanding design. With your approval, we'll put the finishing touches and prepare the design files for delivery. It's time to unveil your stunning visuals to the world!
  • Payment Methods
    All payments will be processed via Debit Card, Credit Card, or ACH through HoneyBook's online invoice system. Please note that we do not accept ApplePay, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, or Cash payments for financial booking purposes. Checks will only be accepted in exceptional cases. Kindly be informed that The SZN Group exclusively accepts payments in US Dollars (USD) and does not support BitCoin, Cryptocurrency, or other alternative currencies.
  • Project Deposits
    Graphic Design: A 50% upfront deposit is required. Branding: A 50% upfront deposit is required. Web Design: An upfront deposit of 40% is necessary. Consulting: A deposit of 50% is applicable.
  • Late Payments
    Clients experiencing missed payments have a 14-day grace period to fulfill outstanding payments for their project or retainer. If a payment extends beyond the 14-day grace period, a formal warning will be issued, and work may be temporarily paused. Should a payment exceed 30 days overdue, legal action may be initiated with notice, resulting in project suspension. For retainer payments that are two weeks overdue without prior notice, all work under the agreement will be put on hold until the invoice is settled. In cases where the final payment for a standalone project is outstanding, all deliverables will be withheld until full payment is received.
  • Refund & Cancellation Policy
    Refunds will solely be granted if a deliverable is not provided as agreed upon; they will not be issued based on personal preferences or feelings. Partial refunds are possible if a deliverable within the Graphic Design and Branding process is undelivered. After the initial deposit, no refunds will be available for Web Design and Consulting services. The SZN Group reserves the right to cancel an active project for professional reasons after the initial deposit. No refund will be provided if a client cancels after making an upfront payment. In the event of an incomplete project, The SZN Group will retain all files and concepts.
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